12+ Inch Translucent Veiled Chameleon For Sale


  • Chamaeleo calyptratus
  • Captive Bred
  • Males Only
  • Approximately 12+ Inches In Length But Can Grow Up To 18 Inches – 2 Feet
  • If Well Kept You Can Expect These Guys To Live Up To 6-8 Years
  • This Species Originates From The Arabian Peninsula Ranging From Saudi Arabia To Yemen
  • The Genetics On This Gorgeous Chameleon Are Co-dominant Meaning
  • That The Genetics Are Visibly Present And Will Be Passed On To The Offspring
  • These Lizards Are Arboreal And Spend The Majority Of Their Lives In The Trees
  • This Species Has A Very Unique Hunting Ability And That Is Being Able To Shoot Their Tongue At Their Prey To Catch Food With Fantastic Precision
  • These Chameleons Will Feed On Calcium Dusted Crickets
  • Don’t Miss Out On These Guys They Are Going To Go Fast!
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