Baby Central American Banded Gecko For Sale



  • Coleonyx mitratus
  • Captive Bred
  • Approximately 1.5 to 2.5 Inches In Length
  • These Live Primarily On The Ground And Like To Hide Or Burrow Very Similar To A Leopard Gecko
  • These Love To Chow On Small Mealworms Or Small Crickets
  • Originating From Central America
  • This Is A Terrestrial Species, Loves to Burrow Or Hide Under Leaf Litter
  • With Proper Care These Geckos Can Live 8 to 12 Years In Captivity
  • Adults Can Get Up To 6 Inches Total Length From Head To Tail
  • These are Insectivores But Will Munch On Pretty Much Anything Smaller Than Them 
  • These Are The Equivalent To A New World Leopard Gecko


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