Baby Licorice Rat Snake For Sale


  • Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta
  • Captive Bred
  • Males And Females Available
  • Approximately 21-24 Inches In Length Can Grow Up To 42-72 Inches In Length Can Grow Up To 6 Feet In Length
  • This Species Originates From North America Ranging From As Far North As The New England Area To South Florida And West Through To The Eastern Halves Of Texas And Nebraska
  • Females Are Able To Lay Up To 12-20 Eggs At A Time Usually In A Hidden Area
  • With Proper Care These Snakes Can Live Up To 20-30 Years In Captivity
  • These Snakes Will Rattle Their Tale Almost Like A Rattlesnake As A Form Of Defense Against Predators
  • This Is A Beautiful Snake With A Crisp Tan To Dark Red Patterned Dorsal Stripe From Its Head To Tail And Cool Slate Colored Eyes
  • These Are Active And Fast Reptiles That Are Feeding On Live And Frozen Thawed Pinky Mice
  • Just A Beautiful Snake All Around And Has A Tame Personality Making It A Great Addition To Any Owner Or Collector!
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