Baby Peruvian Redtail Boa For Sale


  • Boa constrictor constrictor
  • Captive Bred
  • Females
  • Approximately 16 – 20 Inches In Length 
  • These Have Crisp Colors That They Retain Even Into Adulthood
  • Feeding On Live Or Frozen Hopper Mice Weekly
  • Naturally Occurring In South America, Primarily Out Of Peru
  • Adults Can Reach Up To 6 – 8 Feet In Length
  • With Proper Care And Set Up Care These Boas Are Able To Live Up To 20-25+ Years
  • Boas Can Give Birth To 30 – 50 Live Babies At A Time
  • These Are Tropical And Semi Arboreal So Be Sure To Provide Branches For Climbing And Temperatures In The 80’s
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