• Nerodia fasciata sp.
  • Field Collected
  • Sizes Range From 20 – 36 Inches In Total Length
  • Fantastic Snakes With Brown Bodies And Dark Chocolate Brown Stripes With White Spots
  • These Are Voracious Feeders Eating Frozen Thawed Silver Side Fish
  • Native To The United States Ranging From Virginia, South Through Florida
  • They Can Also Reach An Age Of 7-10 Years Old
  • Adults Can Reach Up To 4 Feet In Length
  • Naturally These Snakes Can Be Found In Near Streams, Canals
  • In The Wild These Snakes Are Often Confused For The Cotton Mouth Snake Or Water Moccasin 
  • These Are Well Established Snakes That Are Thriving In Captive Conditions


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