Jansen’s Ratsnake Pair For Sale


  • Gonyosoma jansenii
  • Long Term Captive Pair
  • Approximately 5 And 7 Feet In Length From Head To Tail
  • Gorgeous Opal Color, Very Sleek And Impressive Snake
  • This Is A Larger Species Of Colubrid And They’re Known To Be Feisty 
  • Fast And Intelligent Hunters Feeding On Live And Frozen Thawed Small Rats Weekly
  • Originating Out Of Indonesia Mainly Found Throughout Sulawesi
  • Fully Matured Snakes Can Get 5 – 6 Feet In Total Length
  • With Proper Care These Animals Can Easily Live 20+ Years In Captivity
  • Mainly Arboreal Colubrid That Is Active Both Day And Night Thriving In Hot Humid Climates
  • When Threatened These Snakes Will Puff Up Their Thin Bodies To Appear More Intimidating 
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